Tilia Restaurant


„Greet with a smile, cook from the heart, and serve with love”

Our restaurant’s name comes from the latin word tilia , which stands for the linden plant genus and commemorates the 100-year-old linden trees in our garden. The linden tree as a motif follows the history of the restaurant, as it was originally named Hárskert (‘linden garden’) before we have completely renovated it in 2018.The new space, furnished with modern furniture demanded a new name, so we chose Tilia, which carries the past of the building, but also marks the beginning of a new era.

The linden trees are our faithful friends, and we have built the garden of Tilia around them. On hot summer days, there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious drink and a good lunch in the shade of the old foliage and gathering strength to continue the day. And when the winter months come and the weather gets colder, we retreat to the cellar restaurant lined with basalt stones, focusing on full-bodies wines and mellow dinners that warm the soul.

If you live in the Badacsony wine region and open a restaurant here, you can only do so in cooperation with the best winemakers in the wine region. In Badacsony, viticulture and winemaking go back hundreds of years, and where there is a drink, there is usually food. For us, therefore, the gastronomy of Badacsony is unthinkable without wine. Good food or good wine is great in itself, but they really only become a gastronomic experience when they are paired together. In Tilia, we strive to give our visitors an experience that is worthy of the traditions of Badacsony by combining seasonal ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and a short supply chain.

Tip: It is worth paying attention to our offers before booking, as we often organize wine dinners with gastro tours multiple times a year.


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